Call us or mail us at and our support staff will gladly help select your ideal mens leather jacket.

Leather jackets for men by High quality men’s leather jackets made from the finest genuine leather at our production facilities in India and Canada. Never out of fashion, these leather jackets are a must in every man’s wardrobe. What’s more, we can personalize these leather jackets as per your requirement. Whether its embroidery or stitching your name or patch or any other custom design you provide, our support staff will make it come true.

Call us or mail us at and our support staff will gladly help select your ideal mens leather jacket.

Popular among every age group – from college going kids to the macho bike riding men – these are among our most popular item in our leather range. But what exactly drives this phenomenon. Is it the uniqueness of the garment or the individuality status it gives its wearer? The question has been long debated and no single answer can define the leather jacket craze. What remains a fact is that the appeal of leather jackets is not only well established, but is growing by leaps and bounds.

Gone are the days when only a select few dared to express themselves through leather jackets, like movie stars, fashionists or the Harley biker gangs. Leather jackets are now very much a part and parcel of our everyday clothing regime. From kids to the elderly, everyone desires at least one leather jacket in their closet. Another trend which is growing is the immense amount of attention leather jackets and garments from designers all over the world. Although nothing beats the classic jacket, but designers are putting in effort to make the jacket more vibrant, colorful and a fashion statement into itself.

Another factor of the growth in leather jacket sales is the fact that it is no longer a costly garment. We can easily produce bulk high quality leather jackets at a fraction of market cost due to our backward integration.


Colors available are black, brown, mustard, burgundy and maroon. The jackets are available in the following styles


1. Mens Classic Leather Jackets

2. Mens Leather Biker Jackets

3. Mens Leather Blazers Reefer


4. Mens Leather Bomber Jackets


5. Mens Leather Coats


6. Mens Leather Gothic Coats


7. Mens Leather Hooded Jackets


8. Mens Sheepskin Jackets

9. Double Breasted Black Leather Jacket


10. Long Black Leather Jacket


11. Mens Double Breasted Stylish Patch Leather Jacket with Zips


12. Adel Black Leather Bomber Jacket


13. Black Leather Bomber Jacket


14. Lambskin Black Leather Jacket


15. Leather Jacket in Buttercup


16. Mens Leather Jacket with Chest Pockets in Black or Cognac


17. Men's Black 3/4 Coat with Belt


19. Classic Black Genuine Leather Motorcycle Jacket No Lace


20. Bikestar Black Leather Motorcycle Shirt


21. Fashion Leather Jacket

22. Men's Leather Jackets

23. Leather Coat

24. Leather Car Coat is a bulk and retail supplier and exporter of quality leather products since decades. With its state of the art leather manufacturing in India and marketing offices worldwide, we
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